Dive Site: Snake Cove, Curacao

Maybe this spot was named for all the eels you find here, or perhaps the sometimes hateful, meandering currents, which can be pretty strong at times, occasionally turning this into a drift dive. The deep coral and sponge-covered wall turns a sharp corner about halfway through the dive, and it’s here that divers may find themselves headlong into a strong current. Once you manage around the corner the currents often ease up, allowing divers to relax once more.

We did see a lot of moray and spotted eels, but just the sight of the massive wall itself — every inch of it smothered with corals and sponges — was more than enough to make this dive worth the extra swimming effort, even if the plentiful schools of fish made it look easy.

Pay attention to the dive briefing here, as the divemasters will give you valuable information on what to expect, and explicit instructions on what to do if you’re unable to swim against the current.

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