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Diving Pembrokeshire and Filming Britain’s Sharks – an Interview with Lloyd Jones

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

When did you first learn to dive, and what inspired you? I gained my PADI Open Water Diver qualification in 2006 in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. My father is a PADI Staff Instructor and his diving stories of tropical locations, colourful ecosystems and old video footage inspired me to start my […]

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Scuba Diving with the Deadliest Animals on the Planet

Friday, January 8th, 2016


There is diving — the casual pursuit of water time for the simple fun of it. And then there’s DIVING — exploring new frontiers and edgy locations where divers are few and far between. It’s about discoveries with purpose, and exotic marine life that are truly exceptional. Risk? Sure, there’s some. But the rewards are substantial. For anyone who loves checking off another species (and an excuse to travel around the world), here are diving’s most daring encounters.


Diving with Oceanic Whitetip Sharks in the Bahamas

Insane Cave Exploration in Australia

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Crazy Underwater Video of Diver with 10 Bull Sharks

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Give Respect, Get Respect

Filmed by Thomaz Monteiro in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, this amazing video documents a team of divers dedicated to shark protection in the water with 10 bull sharks.

“Sharks have increasingly been victims of illegal fishing and bad publicity from the press. The idea of the film is to show that bull sharks are not killers, but majestic animals that respond well to the presence of humans — we just need respect them,” Monteiro says of this piece.

To see more videos from Monteiro, check out his YouTube channel here!

The Fastest Fish in the Ocean

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

If you own freediving, jet or split fins, you may think that you’re quite the swimmer – and you might be – when comparing yourself to your fellow scuba divers. When comparing yourself to the speeds at which the fastest fish in the world reach, we’re sorry to say – you […]

Dive Operators Use Music, Not Chum, To Attract Great White Sharks

Sunday, November 1st, 2015
Great White Shark Next to Cage and Scuba Divers


Metalhead Sharks

Could great white sharks be attracted to rock music?

Humans might not be the only ones head-banging to heavy metal — sharks might enjoy the jams too.

While filming the documentary Bride of Jaws, part of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, the film crew was searching for a 16-foot great white shark known as Joan Of Shark. Matt Waller, owner of Australian dive operator Adventure Bay Charters, suggested playing heavy-metal music through an underwater speaker in order to attract the shark to their location. Much to the documentary team’s surprise, it worked. Although they didn’t find the giant they’d set out for, two large great whites soon appeared to investigate the music of Darkest Hour, a metal band out of Washington, D.C.

Waller developed this attraction technique in 2011. Tales of music altering shark behavior in Isla Guadalupe inspired him to mount underwater speakers to his shark cages, and he discovered that he could attract sharks by blasting classic hits such as AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black.” He also noted that the sharks behaved differently while music was playing; they became more inquisitive, sometimes rubbing their faces against the speaker.

Waller doesn’t consider himself a shark expert, but he believes that the thick tones used in heavy metal, such as vocalists’ “death growls,” intense drum beats and guitar riffs, mimic the low-frequency noises created by injured fish. Sharks sense the fish frequencies with their lateral line, a sensory organ that runs along the length of their bodies that detects vibrations and changes in pressure. There haven’t been any scientific studies to prove this theory, so it’s possible that sharks just enjoy the chance to rock out.

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