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Gear Solutions for Cold-Water Diving

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
Thermalution Heated Vest for Scuba Diving

Zach Stovall

Need some extra heat on your next cold-water dive? A heated garment is your ace in the (ice) hole. For tips on how to dive in freezing waters like a pro, check out the latest Dive Hacks column.

Thermalution Yellow Grade Plus

The first power-heated undersuit equipped with a rechargeable wireless remote control — which charges by being placed on an included charge pad — the Yellow Grade Plus is designed for long, deep dives. It’s easy to select from among its three power levels even when wearing the thickest gloves, and makes cold-water diving seem almost like a summertime plunge. (Almost.)

Beach Buddy

Friday, December 11th, 2015

The Beach Buddy Cross-Terrain Transport Vehicle

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

The only cross-terrain vehicle for all your dive gear.

If you love shore diving, Beach Buddy is nothing you have ever seen, yet something you’ll never want to dive without.

The only cross-terrain vehicle for all your dive gear, Beach Buddy is among the best, make your life easy innovations to come along in a while. This gear transport takes on any terrain – sand, pavement, rocks and stairs – then heads straight into the water and goes with you on your dive. It’s transformation from Rolling-mode to Dive-mode makes this an essential piece of gear for any diver.

In Travel-mode, Beach Buddy is compact in its own water-proof bag. At only 5″ tall and weighing just 4 pounds, it’s simple to toss into your luggage or into the back of your car.

With the wheels on, tank inserted and gear secured, Rolling-mode gets you and your dive equipment from the car to your entry point using just one hand, leaving the other free to carry camera gear, or to roll another Beach Buddy for a friend! You can now consider diving in more remote locations that were never feasible. In addition, since you can carry all your gear in one trip, you’ll never worry about leaving expensive gear vulnerable on shore again.

In Dive-mode, Beach Buddy is so streamlined you won’t even notice it. What you WILL notice are top quality construction and materials; 304+ stainless steel and the same fabric as the finest BC’s; every component is specifically developed for salt water submersion. Beach Buddy is proudly made in the USA.

With Beach Buddy, you get there, already geared up so you can just go diving. After the dive, it rinses and dries like a breeze, ready to stow away. Visit for information, demonstration videos and to place your order. If you love shore diving, Beach Buddy is nothing you have ever seen, yet something you’ll never want to dive without.


2015 Holiday Guide: Gifts Divers Love

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Wondering what to get your special scuba someone for the holidays? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our 2015 holiday gift guide! From dive-flag jewelry to floating speakers, there’s sure to be something for anyone who loves the water.

Quick Looks: Hot Dive Gear For The Holiday Season

Friday, December 4th, 2015


ScubaLab’s Quick Guide to Must-Have Dive Gear

In the market for new dive gear, but don’t have time to wait until the next ScubaLab Review? You’re in luck, because our ScubaLab Director hand-picked some of his favorite new dive gear on the market, plus a quick overview about the latest and greatest features!